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Sponsored in part by the Board of County Commissioners, St. Lucie County, Florida.

About Us

Community Transit, a division of Council on Aging of St. Lucie, Inc. (COASL), is the public transit provider for St. Lucie County through a contract with the Board of County Commissioners of St. Lucie County.

Community Transit has been servicing St. Lucie County since 1990.

Community Transit has two modes of transportation.

A demand response system which is a origin to destination system where passenger trips are generated by calls from passengers or their agents at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance, to the Transit Reservationists, who then schedules a vehicle to pick up the passenger; and

A fixed route service provides service along specific routes with scheduled arrival times at predetermined bus stop areas. This is the type of system most people refer to when they mention a city bus.

We provide public transportation at a nominal cost to all locations for all reasons within St. Lucie County.

St. Lucie County and Martin County began discussions to connect St. Lucie and Martin Counties via a fixed route along US 1. A transit grant was approved by FDOT providing 100% funding. On June 3rd, 2002, the first regional fixed route in both St. Lucie and Martin Counties called the Treasure Coast Connector was implemented.

East/West connections were needed to connect passengers to the US 1. As funding becomes available, Community Transit continues to develop and implement fixed routes.